"Wow you guys are fast this year. Thanks a lot we love your software!!!!! "

"I can't begin to tell you how much our league loves your hardware and software. Thanks again for giving us an actual auction. "

"Where did you first hear of BTFSport? Internet search several years ago. I should have bought a FATBox then! "

"Hey bud, I am a little liquored up for a real conversation, but I would just like to thank you again for the system. It went off without a hitch and we had a blast. "

"Sounds interesting and I'm always looking to improve draft day (best day of the year). Im wondering if owners placing bids can be blind to other owners untill the bidding is over? I dont want other owners knowing who im bidding on... If you have this feature, im in. Otherwise I;ll still consider it as saying, "going once....going twice.... a thousand times in the draft gets old.
Added in version 1.11. Thanks for the suggestion! "

"So, in conclusion...if you do your auction drafts live and can afford to get one of these boxes it is well worth every penny in my opinion. "

"At this point in time, we really don't care if anybody partners up with us or not; we're committed completely to it. "

"Overall a big thumbs up to the guys over at btfsports. I think they really got a product that could take off the more leagues switch to auction drafts. For those that do auction drafts live and in person, if you can afford to get a FATBox I recommend it 100%. Now that I own the box my draft cost will be next to nothing each year as all I need to do is purchase the latest player list. "

"I could go on and on about how easy it makes an auction to perform. I'm tellin' ya, I'm willing to get into another league just to be able to enjoy another auction with it. "

"Well, we did our auction draft today using the FATBox for the first time. I must say this really helped make our auction even better than before. No need to have an outsider as an auctioneer as the machine did it all. "

"One other nice thing, our league had some special keeper rules and some trades so each team had a different amount of auction dollars going into the draft. Initially the program from btfsports couldn't account for this. So one phone call to them and they were able to actually change their computer program to accommodate my league rules. "

"It was superb. Not a hitch and everybody loved using it. We had two owners from out of state log in and it was just like they were in the room with the rest of us. "

"I can finally be one of the guys. "

"I don't know how we ever did an auction without the FatBox. "

"Keep up the good work. Everyone in both my baseball and football leagues really loves the FatBox and your BTFS draft software. It is quite possibly the best investment I have made when it comes to fantasy sports. "

"We just completed our auction draft and it was the best draft experience I have ever had. We used the new software and the FATBox was absolutely awesome. "

"Good job...my team sucks but other than that, it was a blast. Thanks. "

"In return for those two little problems, we were rewarded with our most enjoyable auction ever. For me personally, it was like the weight of responsibility had suddenly been lifted and I was freed to kick back and enjoy myself like everybody else had taken for granted all those years. I punched in the player and the starting bid, hit "Start Auction," grabbed my button and started hooting and drinking like everyone else. I had way too much fun. "

"We have been buying 12 [players] in the interests of time, but will probably increase by a couple of rounds next year as a result of our newly increased efficiency. "

"Overall, it was a huge hit. "

"Remotes went off without a hitch. Connected in a flash at the new IP address. Those guys were at absolutely no disadvantage and they were ecstatic about the time and travel savings. "

"Overall, I thought it was GREAT. "

"Next year we'll probably expand the auction by a little bit just to make it last longer. Now there's a sentence I never thought I'd write. "

"Worked flawlessly! Everyone had a great time and the remote worked perfect. "

"The FAT Box was great, it was the best draft I have ever hosted and everyone loved it. I plan to expand the auction process to my other leagues next year. Thanks for the great product and quick support. "

"My above answers no way reflect how pleased I am with the system. After running 4 auctions with over 50 different users, not one person disliked the FATBox (Everyone called it ?The Device?) Everyone just loved it and thinks it is the greatest for any auction. "

"The auction couldn't have gone better. "

"So far, I am more than satisfied with the FATBox and the software. "

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