The Ultimate Fantasy Auction Draft.

Auction Button software now on iPhone and Android.
No more draft boards & stickers!
Auction drafts without an auctioneer.
Runs auction drafts, blind & semi-blind auctions, sealed bid auctions, round table auctions and serpentine drafts. (FATBox not required for serpentine drafts.)
League Managers can bid remotely using windows software, iPhone or Android phones (High speed internet connection required).
Computer voice announces auction count down, players, bids and even a little trash talk.
Made in the USA!
Error-free drafts in less time.
Eliminate the paperwork on Draft Night.
No more need for an outsider to run your auctions.
Create multiple drafts/auctions; great for bars and multiple sports!
No illegal/double picks.
Salary Caps are monitored automatically.
Full draft results/reporting.
Each playing position assigned different colors.
Drink more - all you need to do is press a button!

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(Don't tell your significant other what it really cost.  They wouldn't really understand anyway.)
Version 2.2.4 now available! Many new features. Thanks for all your suggestions! users need to upgrade to version 2.2.4 to be able to export the auction results back into MFL due to security changes at MFL.

One of the best customer comments from 2016. Thank You!

"It went brilliantly Joe!! Everyone had a blast. The draft went without a hitch once it started. Everyone loved the idea and had a blast bidding. For the first time since we started to do auctions (14 yrs), I was able to relax and enjoy like everyone else knowing that the software was capturing everything."

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Big Screen
Wow! Now that's a big screen TV!

Run all your fantasy sports auctions!

Fantasy Football
Fantasy Baseball
Fantasy Basketball
Fantasy Hockey
And others so just ask.

"So, in conclusion...if you do your auction drafts live and can afford to get one of these boxes it is well worth every penny in my opinion. "

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