Frequently Asked Questions

 Who is Big Time Fantasy Sports, Inc?
We are a group of fantasy sports enthusiasts and engineers who knew there had to be a better way to run a fantasy auction. We developed the FATBox and software for our own auction drafts and knew others would also love it so we incorporated in 2004 and started selling it online.
 What is the FATBox?
Team owners use the pushbuttons to place bids during the auction. The FAT box connects the pushbuttons to the computer via a USB cable.
 Do you support serpentine (snake) style drafts?
Yes, you can run a serpentine draft with the free player auction software without the FATBox and then purchase the FATBox later when you finally realize that auctions are the way to go. All you need is the yearly player updates. Plus, remote users can also play.
 How do I rent a FATBox?
Most customers decide they love the FATBox after renting so our rental agreement is structured with this in mind. Contact us and let us know you would like to rent one. We will send you a rental contract to sign and send back to us. After hearing back from us, go ahead and purchase the FATBox you would like. The deposit is the difference between the rental price and the purchase price. If you decide to keep it, just let us know and do nothing. If you return it, we will refund the deposit when we receive the returned unit. Typical rental period is 2 weeks.
 What sports do you support?
The FATBox and Player Auction software work with any sport. So far, we have done player updates for Football, Baseball, Basketball and Hockey. If you would like something else, just let us know and we will see what we can put together.
 How long are the cables?
The pushbutton cables are 18'. The USB cable between the FAT box and the computer is 6'
 How do I get the player updates?
Updates will be emailed to you after your purchase.
 What players are in the player updates and how many?
The updates include all players from the various training camps and there are hundreds.
 What if I have players that are not in the Player Updates? Can I add my own?
Yes, you can add your own. Go to Players > All Players and selected File > New to enter new players.
 What if an owner cannot make your draft?
Starting with version 1.8, the player auction software can support up to 18 remote teams with high-speed Internet connections. The connection between the hosting computer and the remote locations typically runs less than 100 milliseconds. Remote users work for both auction and serpentine style drafts.
 How do I setup the computers for remote users?
The typical setup on the host computer is to determine your WAN IP address, decide on a Port to use, setup the port forwarding on your router, configure firewall on router or host PC, start hosting in the Player Auction software, and then tell the remote users the WAN IP address and Port.
 Can I still use your software if I still manually run the auction?
Sure, the software is free to download and you can manually drag and drop players onto your teams.
 How to I change the trash talk sounds?
Starting in version 1.8, the sounds are completely customizable from the program under the setup menu.
 How do you allow teams to run out of money?
Set the minimum bid to zero.
 How many bidders can the FAT box support during a draft?
The FAT box can support up to 18 individual bidders using 18 different pushbuttons. See pricing for details.
 What if two players press their pushbuttons at the same time?
The system randomly selects the winning bid during a tie. The auction coordinator has no control of who wins the bid.
 How do I bid more than one dollar with a single pushbutton?
Continuing to hold the pushbutton down will keep increasing the bid until you let go.
 How do I pick a player to bid on when it's my turn?
When it's your turn, tell the auction coordinator the player you want to bid on, and the initial bid amount.
 What is the warranty?
If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return it for a full refund within 30 days.
 What are some things to keep in mind when installing a new version of the software?
Make a backup of your existing database (MY Documents\Player Auction\ PlayerAuction.mdb) and any customized sounds files (My Documents\Player Auction\Multimedia) prior to installing the next version.
 What if something goes wrong and I find a bug?
Please send to us ( a description of the problem and a copy of the database (My Documents\Player Auction\ PlayerAuction.mdb) and the program log file (My Documents\Player Auction\ PlayerAuctionLog.txt). These will go a long way in helping us locate the problem and correct it.
 What if I have a great new feature to add?
Please send it to us ( and we would be happy to look it over and possible add it into the next release or sooner.
 What are the hardware requirements to run btfsports software?
- IBM PC or 100% IBM compatible computer. (Pentium II or higher at 300MHz or higher recommended). A much faster computer is required for drafts with many remote users such as a Pentium 4 at 1.0GHz
- Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0 or later versions, Windows 2000, ME, or XP. Windows 95 is not supported.
- USB port to connect the FAT box.
- Speakers to announce the players and prices.
- 32 meg memory or greater.
- 100 meg free hard disk.
- Mouse or other pointing device.
- Printer (print out team rosters).
- A monitor or projector with a resolution of at least 1024x786 for 12 teams and 1280x1025 for 18 teams.
- Remote access requires the hosting and remote computers to have high speed internet access.

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