Download Player Auction software version

Always uninstall the previous version prior to installing the next version.

Download Player Auction software.  New features in version 1.11.4 include:
*Fixed WAN Ip address lookup. Changed to
*Fixed alternate sound to handle more combinations.
* Added Blind Auction option to the draft setup. Bid on players without knowing who else is bidding until the auction is over.
* Fixed a bug where the program crashed when the Host Remote Auction was pressed on Windows 7 machines with many network adapters.
* Changed all the fonts from bitmap to true type.
* For our international customers, fixed a bug when the local settings used a comma in place of the decimal point.

---->Download Player Auction Software Version 1.11.4 (~35 MB)

Download the Player Auction Remote software to remotely connect to an auction over the internet or local network.  Each remote team must download and run this software.
---->Download Player Auction Remote Software Version 1.11.0 (~5 MB))

New features in version 1.9.1 include:
* Integration with with import of leagues and export auction results.
* Change player position after he has been auctioned and on a team.
* Additional tools to assist in setting up remote connections.
* Added the quick start menu.
* Help menu items to take you to
* Viewing options for the teams windows. Toggle on/off individually the first name, last name, position, team, etc.
* Inital bid added to the all players windows.
* Additional sorting options on the all players window.

New features in version 1.8.5 include:
* Up to 18 remote teams.
* Hybrid Drafts. Switch between auction and serpentine drafts.
* Sound customizations.
* "On Deck" countdown timer.
* Bid matching.
* Player rankings for auction drafts.
* Position limits.
* Automatic starts of draft.
* Team window tiling works on second monitor.
* Visual indications for button pressed, position limits hit, Max bid reached.
* Remote team communication status.
* Drafts and position colors are sport specific.
* Database backup and restore from the Setup menu.

A simple diagram showing the typical setup of the FATBox in a bar.
---->Download FATBox Typical Setup Diagram (~260 KB)

Here are some of our favorite trash talk files.  Place them in your My Documents/BTFSports/Player Auction/Multimedia directory.

---->Download Example Trash Talk files (~15 MB)

Download the player updates from 2007 to get an idea on how the import feature works and see the various player positions.
You will need to purchase the player updates to get this years players.
---->Download Football 2007
---->Download Baseball 2007
---->Download Basketball 2007
---->Download Hockey 2007

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